Thorium energy for the 21st century

Carlo Rubbia's Reactor Concept

The Annual General Meeting of iThEC was held on February 6th 2015 at the President Wilson Hotel on the shores of Lake Geneva and witnessed the new organisation's increased presence and membership (Photo).
In 2013 in Geneva, some 200 participants from over 30 countries made ThEC13. a success...Many thanks. For presentations click here in the individual sessions to bring up a list...and here for the CERN Communiqué

Our Goal

Promoting the use of Thorium as a safe, sustainable and proliferation-resistant source of nuclear power. Thorium is a viable alternative nuclear fuel to uranium. The goal of iThEC is to raise global awareness of the many possibilities Thorium offers for solving mankind's growing energy needs.

Why Thorium?

iThEC is an organisation placed under the patronage of Carlo Rubbia bringing together

  • Scientific and technical knowledge from the world's leading research institutes
  • Political decision makers
  • Industrial partnerships